We continuously deliver products that increase knowledge and expertise about the possibilities of cross-border information exchange. Practical guides based on the experiences of case studies have been and are being drafted.

Different documentation has been drawn up for each country: the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In order to facilitate the search, we have used the same categories for each country as much as possible. First choose the country on which you are looking for documentation, then choose the desired category in that column, select it and choose the document you need. You can easily download this document by clicking. Below you will find an explanation of the various topics.

Professional jargon

The list of professional jargon compares and defines the most important concepts in the context of the administrative approach to organized crime in Germany (NRW), Belgium and the Netherlands, systematically showing the similarities and differences. The list contains German, Belgian, French, English and Dutch translations of all terms.

Consulting public sources

In public sources foreign administrative bodies can consult a lot of information themselves. EURIEC has developed guides on relevant Belgian, German and Dutch public sources, clarifying the data that can be retrieved and information on how to consult these sources

Practical guides

Because of the diversity in cases, the EURIEC has built up broad expertise in issues related to the cross-border exchange of information for the administrative approach to organized crime. Based on its findings, the EURIEC publishes practical guides to share good practices.

Information about the EURIEC

For more background information on the project several documents are available.To support the implementation of the project, the EURIEC has developed multilingual communication materials to meet the needs of and to stay connected to the international network of professionals.